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Counterfeit Warning! Do Not Buy Fake FLEX TAPE!

All of us at The Flex Seal Family of Products want to make sure you always receive the highest quality, genuine Flex Seal products.

Currently, there is counterfeit FLEX TAPE being aggressively sold on Amazon and eBay. These counterfeit knock offs are an inferior product and will NOT give you the same results as genuine FLEX TAPE.

These counterfeiters have copied our logo, our label and all of our images in order to trick you, the consumer, into thinking you’re purchasing genuine FLEX TAPE, when in fact your not, you’re purchasing a FAKE!

When an Amazon or eBay customer buys counterfeit FLEX TAPE, it hurts the consumer and the negative reviews can damage our reputation.

Flex Tape is made only in the USA!

Please, don’t be tricked into purchasing a counterfeit product!

You can ensure you are purchasing genuine FLEX TAPE, go to:

or visit these following retailers:

Please help us stop the counterfeiters!

If you find Flex Tape that is not authenic, please email us at: [email protected]