Barrett Jackson Auto Show June 26th – June 29th, 2019
//Barrett Jackson Auto Show June 26th – June 29th, 2019

Barrett Jackson Auto Show June 26th – June 29th, 2019

Barrett Jackson Auto Show! Just the mention of this event’s name sends shivers of excitement down the spines of car lovers around the world. From fast to functional, Barrett Jackson sells it all. Situated in beautiful Uncasville, Connecticut on the premises of the world-renowned Mohegan Sun, it really doesn’t get much better. As spectators made their way through the showroom, they also had the opportunity to make their way to the Flex Seal booth to pick up a free sample of Flex Glue.

Flex Fans at Barrett Jackson Auto Show

The number of people who came up to us to express their success with our products was astounding! While most people associate Flex Seal with just sealing leaks, it was clear that our products have room for creativity. We had a gentleman tell us about a broken bumper on his truck: after filling it with foam, he was able to seal it with Flex Seal aerosol to look as good and perform as well as when it was brand new! There were also several people who told us about how Flex Tape saved them in a pinch when their quarter panel, fender, tail light, or any other part of their car started falling off. We even had a very passionate customer explain how they undercoated their car with Flex Seal liquid to protect it from rust and corrosion.

These were just a few of the many incredible stories that we hear all the time at shows like this! So if you’re in the are of an event that we’ll be attending, we implore you to consider joining us at the Flex Seal booth. We’ll have free samples and opportunities to win free Flex Seal swag! And even if you just follow along on our Instagram, we appreciate that all the same. Flex On!

Flex Seal representing at the Barrett Jackson Auto Show