Bristol Motor Speedway August 15th – 17th, 2019
//Bristol Motor Speedway August 15th – 17th, 2019

Bristol Motor Speedway August 15th – 17th, 2019

Over the weekend, our Flex Seal team raced it’s way to the Bristol Motor Speedway for the 2019 Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race. This iconic Nascar race was nothing short of amazing! Race fans had the chance to get their hands on free samples of our amazing, super strong Flex Glue. That’s not the end of it though. Everyone that stopped by the booth had the opportunity to win free prizes with our Flex Shot game, meet our team of Xfinity drivers, and bust a move with Flexie, the Flex Glue mascot.

Free Samples at the Flex Seal Booth

Flex Fans near and far were so excited to tell us all about their DIY Flex Seal stories. There were so many repairs done on RVs and campers using Flex Seal Liquid, Flex Tape, Flex Seal, and Flex Shot. One guy in particular was ecstatic about how well Flex Seal worked on the skylight of his RV. Another gentleman used Flex Seal Liquid to seal a leak in his basement. Seeing how much Flex Seal makes an impact in our fans lives and hearing these stories back always brings a smile to our faces. The Flex Seal Family of Products can truly do it all!

This was a huge weekend for our team of four Xfinity drivers. The #4 Flex Seal car placed 10th, the #01 Flex Glue car placed 19th, the #15 Flex Shot car placed 26th, and the #0 Flex Tape car placed 28th. Before these talented drivers went out to compete, they were gracious enough to stop by our booth to give the people what they want. These guys signed hero cards, shook hands, and took photos with all the fans. We’re excited for a return in 2020! It’s Bristol Baby!!!

Flex Seal Crew at Bristol Motor Speedway