Dover International Speedway May 3rd – May 5th, 2019
//Dover International Speedway May 3rd – May 5th, 2019

Dover International Speedway May 3rd – May 5th, 2019

Buckle up, Flex Fans. The Flex Crew raced over to the Gander RV 400 at the Monster Mile in Dover, DE. Although the weather didn’t cooperate the entire time, we had a blast interacting with our Flex Fans. We also had the pleasure of having Garrett Smithley and Stephen Leicht to our booth for a driver signing on Saturday. Fans lined up waiting to meet these super talented Nascar drivers before they competed on the track. Afterward, everyone had the chance of playing games and picking up a sample of Flex Glue.

Flex Seal, Dover, Gander RV 400

Flex Fans were enthusiastic to try out their sample of Flex Glue and also share their success stories with us. So many Flex Sealers were excited to tell us how our Family of Products saved them time, money, and hassle. One gentleman only wanted to stop by to share a photo of how Flex Glue helped repair his landscaping. He used Flex Glue to secure a loose retaining wall block. The most common DIY story from this weekend was how our Family of Products stopped leaks on RVs, campers, and trailers. Flex Fans used everything from Flex Shot, Flex Seal, Flex Seal Liquid, and Flex Tape to help stop leaks fast!

As always, this past weekend in Dover was a blast! Getting to talk and interact with Flex Fans and seeing their genuine pleasure from meeting our drivers was a treat. We cannot wait to come back and build on the positive memories that we have had here at the Monster Mile. Until then, Flex On!

Flex Seal, Dover International Speedway, Monster Mile, Gander RV 400