What are some helpful hints when using Flex Seal Products?
/What are some helpful tips to make Flex Tape® adhere to a surface?

What are some helpful tips to make Flex Tape® adhere to a surface?

Tip #1: For maximum adhesion on porous surfaces, including fabric, we recommend heating Flex Tape® using a hairdryer. This helps loosen the adhesive of the tape allowing it to seep into the pores. Continued firm pressure will also help increase adhesion. Sometimes it is a good idea to apply Flex Tape® to both sides of the fabric for better adhesion.

Tip #2: Unlike other tapes on the market, Flex Tape® has a bond that increases over time. For porous surfaces, including fabrics, we recommend utilizing this added benefit by allowing the product to bond for 24 hours.

Tip #3: Flex Tape® may resist bonding to some highly plasticized materials, siliconized surfaces, greasy, oily or dirty surfaces, waterproof repellent surfaces, porous surfaces and some fabrics. Always test before use.

Tip #4: When applying Flex Tape® to wet surfaces, you must rub or squeegee it firmly enough to force the water film away from the bond. Press the water film out of the bond area and it will enable Flex Tape to adhere properly.

Tip #5: Even though underwater surfaces may look clean, there can be a very thin film of grease, oil, or algae that may be present. Therefore, before applying, it is important to make sure that the surface has been thoroughly cleaned to ensure that all grease, oil, dirt, and debris has been removed.

Tip #6: When patching a swimming pool, we recommend applying a piece of Flex Tape® to the interior of the pool first and then a second piece to the exterior of the pool leak. The two pieces of Flex Tape® will then form a super strong bond with themselves.

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