How Do I Apply Flex Tape? See Official Answers Here
/Q: How do I apply FLEX TAPE®?

Q: How do I apply FLEX TAPE®?

A: FLEX TAPE® is so easy to use! Just cut, peel, stick, and seal!
CUT: Leave backing on tape and cut to desired dimension. Use high quality scissors or razor blade when cutting.
PEEL: Remove backing and apply to a clean surface.
STICK: Press down firmly on a clean surface. Using your fingers, plastic squeegee or roller, press down firmly and remove any air pockets. Continue pressing firmly and allow to remain on the surface. FLEX TAPE® bond will increase with time and pressure and in some cases, may need up to 24 hours to reach maximum hold. Once fully bonded, FLEX TAPE® cannot be repositioned.
SEAL: FLEX TAPE® creates a super strong, waterproof seal.