Flex Glue Clear (Behind The Scenes)
//Flex Glue Clear (Behind The Scenes)

Flex Glue Clear (Behind The Scenes)

We’ve heard your questions about our glass boat! Now, you get to watch how the famous Flex Glue® Clear glass boat was made! This exclusive look #InsideFlexWorld goes behind the scenes of our latest commercial for Flex Glue Clear. Get ready to be amazed and hear the story behind Phil Swift’s most dangerous stunt yet! 💪🚤

Watch who, what, where, when, how, but most importantly, WHY this was a FLEXING success! Flex Glue Clear is the crystal clear rubberized glue with amazing instant grab technology. It’s super thick and virtually disappears. No matter what you glue, you can see right through! Grab Flex Glue Clear here!

Thanks for watching this video and joining the #FlexWorldPremiere! Share this video your friends and don’t forget to #FlexOn! A special thanks to our amazing production team for creating yet another FLEXTASTIC commercial and behind the scenes look!

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