Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 11 Red and White Wreaths
//Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 11 Red and White Wreaths

Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 11 Red and White Wreaths

Article by The Flex Seal Family

Wreath made with Flex Seal Products

What You Need

Flex Seal Spray in White
Flex Glue Clear
Ornaments of your choice
Poinsettias or silk flowers


Step 1 - Place wreath on flat surface

1. Place wreath on a flat surface in a covered and well ventilated area.

Step 2 - Apply Flex Seal White

2. Shake the Flex Seal Spray before use and spray the wreath until it is covered in white so it looks like snow. Be sure to leave a little green to give it a realistic look. Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 3 - Attach decorations

3. Use Flex Glue Clear to adhere the ornaments, poinsettias or silk flowers of your choice to the wreath in random places.

Step 4 - Finish adding decorations

4. Finish adding decorations. The more random placement, the better. We chose red globes since they stand out and beautify this wreath.

Step 4 - Allow 24 hours to dry then hang

5. Let the Flex Glue cure for 24 hours, then your wreath will be ready to hang.