Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 3 Wooden Snowmen
//Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 3 Wooden Snowmen

Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 3 Wooden Snowmen

Article by The Flex Seal Family

Snowman decoration made with Flex Seal Products

What You Need

Flex Glue White
Flex Seal Spray in White
• Wood Slices in various sizes (find them at most craft stores)
• Black Paint Marker
• Thick ribbon to make a mini “scarf”


1. Arrange wooden pieces to look like snowmen on a flat surface.

2. Use Flex Glue White to glue a small dollop on to the top of the largest piece. Repeat step with medium piece until all 3 are glued together.

3. Spray Flex Seal Spray in white evenly over the snowmen in a well ventilated area.

4. Allow to cure and dry for 12-24 hours.

5. Draw a snowman face and buttons on the snowmen so they look like snowmen. Hint: Kids LOVE this part. Let kids ages 5+ use the paint marker to decorate the snowmen.

6. Tie a ribbon around the “neck” to look like a scarf. Kids can help with this part too!

7. With one of the large wood slices, glue the base of the snowman with Flex Glue to the wood piece. You may need to prop the snowman up until it is fully cured. After 24 hours, snowman should be fully cured and ready to display. These work great as festive and fun centerpieces!


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