Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 7 Blinging Baubles
//Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 7 Blinging Baubles

Flex Seal DIY Crafts – 7 Blinging Baubles

Article by The Flex Seal Family

Tree ornament made with Flex Seal Products

What You Need

Flex Glue Clear
• Clear plastic globe ornaments
• Small sponge or brush sponge on a stick
• Coarsely ground sea salt or Epsom salt


1. Apply Flex Glue Clear to the surface of the ornament. Tip: a mason jar lid is helpful for placing the ornament down while turning it.

2. Once surface is entirely covered in Flex Glue Clear, generously coat the ornament with salt. It is helpful to have a pan to catch the salt that falls off the the ornament.

3. Once covered, set aside and let cure for 24 hours.

4. To seal the salt completely to the ornament, lightly spray surface with Flex Seal Clear and allow to dry for 12-24 hours. These are now outdoor-proof and can be hung outside for a festive winter look. These look great against holiday lights!


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