Gainesville NHRA March 14th – March 17th, 2019
//Gainesville NHRA March 14th – March 17th, 2019

Gainesville NHRA March 14th – March 17th, 2019

The smell of nitro was in the air at the 50th annual Gator Nationals at the Gainesville Raceway! People came from all over to sell out the venue this St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We were greeted with beautiful, sunny Florida weather for the first two days of the event, but Sunday took a turn for the colder and rainier weather. This wasn’t enough to stop race fans from bundling up and heading down to the track though! The rain let up enough for the race to start and eliminations began! Many of our fans wondered if we had Flex Seal’d the sky to stop the leak, and while that’s slightly beyond our capabilities, it was fun to entertain the possibility.

We had a new addition to our set up this weekend: Flex Minis! The new, freakin’ adorable member to our family of products was a huge hit, getting ooh’s and ahh’s from Flex Fans both new and old. The smaller size of these Flex Minis (while still boasting the same sealing strength as our original products) creates a convenience factor that makes leaks even easier to seal than ever before! You can keep Flex Minis in your toolbox, in your drawers, in your glove compartment, or anywhere else you can think of! We also gave out free t-shirts to our Flex Fans who tested their Flex Seal knowledge with Flex Seal Trivia! So, if you’re coming to an event where you know we’ll be, brush up on your Flex Seal knowledge and give the Flex Seal Trivia challenge a shot!

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Our Flex Fans continue to surprise us with their creativity and ingenuity when it comes to ways they’ve used our products! We had a woman come up to our booth eager to show us her favorite boots, because she had used Flex Seal Liquid to seal them up when they started to break down and let water in. A man approached us as well saying that he worked as a contractor for an apartment complex, and he uses Flex Seal and Flex Tape for an innumerable number of different projects. He was very excited to hear about Flex Minis! On Sunday, the rain was coming down on a tent that track security was huddled under. As we passed by, they flagged us down and pointed out a few holes in the top of the tent. This was the perfect opportunity to put the power of Flex Tape into action! We patched up the holes in their tent and they were able to stay dry while they worked.

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We’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who showed up and experienced Flex Seal firsthand! If you’re just following along through our blog or our Instagram story (@flexseal), we’d like to thank you as well! Stay tuned for more exciting Flex Seal content, and as always, Flex On!