Golfers: Swing a Hole in One with Flex Seal!
//Golfers: Swing a Hole in One with Flex Seal!

Golfers: Swing a Hole in One with Flex Seal!

Go golfing with your buddies, you deserve it. Here at Flex Seal, we firmly believe in the motto “work hard, play hard.”

Flex Seal, our water sealant, is famously known as the handyman’s best friend. If you’re a golfer, it can be yours too.

Make the most out of your golfing matches with 5 simple Flex Seal hacks. If you’re feeling generous, share them with your golfing buddies too. But before following our hacks, grab everything from the supply list first.

Supply List:

● Flex Seal
● Flex Tape
● Sharp, High-Quality Scissors
● Drop Cloth
● Painter’s Tape
● Paint Brush

Golf Hack #1: Golf Balls.
Flex Seal comes in 12 vibrant colors: Black, White, Brite (Off White), Terra Cotta, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Brown, Almond, and Clear. Customize your golf balls by spraying them in your favorite Flex Seal color. That way, you will always know which one your golf ball is!

[Flex Tip: Pick a well-ventilated area. This project is perfect for outside or in your garage with the door open.]

Golf Hack #2: Golf Clubs.
Flex Seal creates a non-slip grip. Spray Flex Seal on the grip (handle) of all of your golf clubs. If you’re a long-term golfer, you’ve seen a guy or two lose control over his golf club. Just don’t let it be you.

[Flex Tip: To avoid getting Flex Seal on the handle of your clubs, cover them in painter’s tape.]

Golf Hack #3: Golf Gloves.
As we mentioned in Tip #2, the grip is important. Take your non-slip grip a step further and spray your gloves too. Flex Seal creates strong adhesion and it dries into a thick rubbery sealant. When you combine Tip #2 with Tip #3, this is what we call “double duty” at Flex Seal Headquarters.

[Flex Tip: Lay down a drop cloth for your Flex Seal DIY projects so that you don’t get Flex Seal in unwanted areas.]

Golf Hack #4: Golf Cart.
No one likes a leak. They’re annoying and damaging. If you have a leak in the roof of your golf cart, pull out the “big guns” with Flex Seal Liquid. Roll an even coat over your entire roof. Let the first coat dry for 24-48 hours before adding another coat. When Flex Seal Liquid dries, it seals out all moisture, air, and water. Let the last coat dry for 48 hours before testing out the leak or driving out in the rain.

[Flex Tip: Flex Seal Liquid comes in four colors – Black, White, Gray, and Clear.]

Golf Hack #5: Golf Bag.
Tears and rips? That’s no big deal. Patch your golf club bags with Flex Tape, or as some call “Flex Seal Tape.” It has all of the strong abilities of Flex Seal aerosol, but it’s in tape form. And it’s easy to apply. Just cut it to its desired dimension (with the backing on). Remove the backing and firmly press the tape over the rip or tear. For double duty, add Flex Tape on the inside and outside of the bag.

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