How do I apply Flex Paste?
//How do I apply Flex Paste?

How do I apply Flex Paste?

Removing Flex Paste with a putty knife.

With Flex Paste, there is no need to shake or stir, it’s already ready to go!  Grab a putty knife, trowel or similar tool, and remove an even layer of material from the top of the tub. Don’t scoop too deep!  Scooping too deep can cause air pockets that dry out the Flex Paste.

Spread Flex Paste with a putty knife

Apply a generous amount of paste to the surface using smooth even motions. It’s important to always allow each coat to dry before applying additional coats.

Replace foil on Flex Paste

Remember to replace the protective foil as much as you can while working to prevent drying during application.

Applying Underwater

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