Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 7th – 8th, 2019
//Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 7th – 8th, 2019

Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 7th – 8th, 2019

The Flex Seal Tour landed in the racing capital of the world this weekend: Indianapolis! And the Indianapolis Motor Speedway did not disappoint. Situated right in the midway, the fan zone for this race track is right in the middle of all the action. As the gates opened and the eager race fans rolled in, they were greeted by the gleaming Flex Seal trailer and signs reading, “Free Samples!” Not only did thousands of people get free samples of Flex Glue, but we also had driver signings with 3 of JD Motorsports drivers: Garrett Smithley, BJ Mcleod, and Stephen Leicht.

Flex Seal Drivers at Indy Motor Speedway!

One of the greatest benefits that the Flex Seal crew enjoys is being able to hear the stories of success from Flex Fans. From emergencies to DIY projects, the Flex Seal Family of Products has a myriad of uses that is only limited by the imagination of its users. A family came up to the booth this weekend and said that Flex Tape saved their family of vacation when their RV’s roof sprung a leak in the middle of their trip. Luckily, they had some Flex Tape onboard, and they were able to get the leak patched and sealed! Flex Tape saved the day once again when a man’s sailboat’s sail ripped. Unable to capture the power of the wind, the sail became useless and his boat became stuck. With Flex Tape’s incredibly strong adhesive, he patched both sides of the ripped part of the sail, and he was able to sail back to shore.

Meeting Flex Fans both new and old is always a great experience. So if you can make it out to an event on the Flex Seal Tour, we highly encourage it! If not, follow along on social media with #flexsealtour. We hope to see you at an event, but if we don’t, make sure you don’t forget to Flex On!

Flex Seal Team at Indy Motor Speedway!