5 DIY Backyard Party Ideas – Using Flex Seal Products
//How to Use Flex Seal Products – Summer Edition

How to Use Flex Seal Products – Summer Edition

The four essential “F’s” for the 4th of July have typically been fireworks, family, food, and fun. Every family has its own tradition, but there is one “F” that you may have forgotten about this holiday season: Flex Seal. We know that our Flex Seal Family of Products can make your celebrations even more special.

Whether your family lights up the pit in the backyard or if you take a relaxing trip to the beach, our team of experts have compiled a list of five (5) reasons why you should use Flex Seal for your 4th of July preparations.

Supply List:

1) For your trip to the beach. If you’re taking a trip to the beach, no need to buy the kids new toys. Take their old toy shovels and pails out of the attic. Grab their favorite color of Flex Seal and start to revamp them. There are 13 vibrant colors to pick from, so we’ll be sure to have at least one color your kids will like! Once you spray with Flex Seal, the coating on their toys will dry into a rubbery, flexible sealant. And, since Flex Seal works in extreme temperatures, you’ll never have to worry about water damage or sun damage. Everyone wins!

2) To upgrade your patio furniture. Don’t throw away your old outdoor furniture. Make it like new with Flex Seal Spray – your favorite waterproof sealant. First, clean the surface and remove residue on your outdoor furniture. (The sun and weather can really give your furniture a beating.) Spray your chairs and tables outside in your backyard or in your garage or other well-ventilated areas (put down a drop cloth). Your upgraded furniture will completely transform your backyard and now you can invite your family, friends, and neighbors over to watch all the fireworks!

3) To repair your pool. If you have a tear in your pool, don’t throw it away – Flex Tape it. It will save you time, energy, and money. Not only will Flex Tape work for above ground pools, but it’ll work for in-ground pools too.

How to apply Flex Tape: cut tape (with the backing still on) to the appropriate dimension. Then, remove the backing and stick it over the tear. Apply it with pressure. For double duty (on above ground pools), put tape on both the inside and outside of the pool. You don’t even end to drain the pool to do so – Flex Tape is completely waterproof!

4) To spruce up your home décor. Flex Seal colors are a great way to add excitement to any holiday, celebration, or season. Make your garden pots festive this year – it’s a simple (and quick) D.I.Y. arts & crafts project that’ll make your house best looking one on the block.

How to apply Flex Seal Colors: Just make sure your pots are clean and dry. Set them on a drop cloth and spray them with your color(s) of choice. We suggest the classic red, white, and blue for July 4th. Let them dry for at least 24 hours before using. You can also re-use these pots around the house for winter holidays like Hanukkah and Christmas.