Mid-America Trucking Show March 28th – March 30th, 2019
//Mid-America Trucking Show March 28th – March 30th, 2019

Mid-America Trucking Show March 28th – March 30th, 2019

The Mid-American Trucking Show was in full gear this weekend in Louisville, Kentucky! From dump trucks to flatbeds, if it was a truck or related to trucking, you could find it at the Kentucky Expo Center. Shiny chrome fenders and bright headlights dazzled the young and old. Lou Ferrigno made an appearance as well! I’ll bet even TV’s The Incredible Hulk couldn’t overcome the power of Flex Glue!

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Throughout the weekend, we introduced plenty of soon-to-be Flex Fans to our Flex Seal Family of Products, but we also had a plethora of current Flex Fans come by to share their stories and experiences of their successes with our products. One of the biggest uses we heard of from our visitors was to seal pinholes and tears in their tarps. Not only is Flex Tape stronger than the tarp repair tape they’ve used in the past, but Flex Tape also lasts longer and stands up to the elements better! We also had a man approach the booth with an incredible amount of excitement, exclaiming, “Whenever something is leaking, the first thing I say is, ‘Grab the Flex Seal!'” An excellent piece of advice for anyone if you ask me.

In addition, a family told us about how their rubber roof split in half. Luckily, they had some Flex Seal on hand, and they were able to seal it right back up! With another successful event in the books, we reflect on how thankful we are for our Flex Fans. If you showed up at the event and met us at the booth, we appreciate you! And if you’re following along at home, we appreciate you all the same! Flex On!

Flex Seal Team at MATS 2019