Block Out – Invisible Stain Barrier – By Flex Seal Products


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Block Out™ is the invisible barrier that blocks out virtually everything.

  • Block Out™ won’t change the look and feel of your delicate fabrics.
  • RVs, camping gear, boots and more can all be protected like never before.
  • When your upholstery has been Blocked Out, it magically repels stains.
  • Block Out™ keeps everything totally protected.

Quick and easy to use — dries fast and begins protecting immediately

Special hydrophobic formula repels liquids completely and remains breathable

Keeps all your fabric valuables dry and free from liquid-based stains

Won't damage or change the look and feel of even delicate fabrics

Out of stock

Product Description


BLOCKOUT - Before and After

Excellent for Anything that needs protecting!

Clothes, purses, shoes, ties, furniture, carpeting, and so much more! Block Out™ adds an invisible barrier that makes spills roll right off!

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