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Only: $12.99/ea

The easy way to caulk, bond, repair, and stop leaks – all without a caulk gun.

Repair it fast with Flex Shot.

Product Description

FLEX SHOT® is a super thick rubber sealant that caulks, bonds, seals virtually everything.
Flex Shot forms a watertight, flexible barrier and is so easy to use. No need for a bulky caulking gun, just push the nozzle for a perfect bead every time. No running or dripping and never shrinks or cracks. Available in mildew-resistant white and almond, clear and black.

Common Flex Shot Applications:

• Bathroom showers, bathtubs, and toilet repairs
• Seal kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets
• Replace worn out or missing tile caulking
• Fill large and small holes that cause leaks
• Seal and repair window and doorsills
• Great for crafts and decorative items

Flex Shot will work on:

Porcelain, tile, metal, glass, fiberglass, wood, granite, stone, marble, fabric, upholstery, paper AND just about any other surface that’s free of grease and oil.

Directions & FAQs


Make sure all surfaces is clean, dry, and free from dirt, grease, and oil. Use in a well-ventilated area. Hold can at a 45-degree angle, push on the nozzle and apply directly to the area being treated. Remove excess product with a dry paper towel. Tacky coating forms in about 20 minutes and will be dry to the touch. Flex Shot will be fully cured in 24 to 48 hours (depending on temperature and humidity).


For a perfect bead, apply in a steady, even motion. Adjust your speed to control the thickness of the bead. You can smooth Flex Shot out with your finger and work with the product as desired. If needed, make any adjustments immediately after the product is applied, before it starts to dry.

To repair a large hole, apply Flex Shot to the side of the hole that comes into direct contact with water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply it to a wet surface?
A: It’s best to apply Flex Shot to a clean, dry surface. Still, Flex Shot can be applied to a wet surface, but just not in standing water.

Q: Can I use it in an enclosed space?
A: Yes, but it is recommended that Flex Shot be used in a well-ventilated area.

Q: Will it fade, dry, crack, yellow or deteriorate because of contact with household cleaners?
A: No, Flex Shot will not fade, dry, crack, yellow or deteriorate due to contact with household cleaners.

Q: How long does it last?
A: Flex Shot will last up to 30 years and will not fade, dry, crack, yellow or deteriorate.

Q: How many linear feet can I get out of one can of Flex Shot?
A: One can will cover up to forty (40) linear feet, depending on the thickness of the bead.

Q: Can I use it on a container that holds water for drinking?
A: Flex Shot has not been tested for use on potable water systems.

Q: Can I use it to fix tires or other areas with extreme pressure?
A: Flex Shot is not recommended for use in extreme pressure.

Q: Are the extension tubes reusable?
A: Yes, extension tubes are reusable. After using Flex Shot with the extension tube, you can leave the extension tube affixed to the can of Flex Shot.

Q: Can the extension tubes be cut to adjust the thickness of the bead?
A: Yes, the extension tubes can be cut to any size in order to produce the desired bead thickness.

Q: How do I remove the extension tube that’s attached to my can of Flex Shot?
A: The extension tube screws on to the top of the Flex Shot can and is removed by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction. Do NOT attempt to remove the extension tube by pulling or yanking it off.


How to Use Flex Shot

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