Flex Tape Remover – Adhesive & Graffiti Removal Spray


Perfect for removing Flex Tape, graffiti, glue, tar, bugs, labels and much more.
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Product Description

FLEX TAPE® ADHESIVE REMOVER is a convenient, portable, easy-to-use aerosol with a fast-acting formulation to remove the toughest adhesives. Ideal for removing a variety of adhesives, tar, spray paint and more. Doesn’t leave a sticky residue when wiped clean.

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Flex Tape® Adhesive Remover Commercial



Q: What is Flex Tape Adhesive Remover?

A:  Flex Adhesive Remover is the easy-to-use aerosol spray specially formulated to remove the super strong adhesive bond of Flex Tape.

Q: What can I use it for? 

A: Use it to remove Flex Tape and other tough adhesive tape such as masking, duct, double-sided, painters, gaffer, scotch, and packing tape, decals, stickers, labels, tar or asphalt, glue residue, gum, bugs, ink, lipstick, marker, paint transfers, pine tar, soot, dirt, tree sap, vinyl tinted windows, wallpaper, wax, weather stripping, and so much more!

Q: How do I use it to remove Flex Tape?


  1. Always use protective gloves and goggles.
  2. Lift one edge of the Flex Tape and spray directly underneath the backing onto adhesive.
  3. Use pliers to help grab and pull up Flex Tape.
  4. Spray directly on adhesive as you pull Flex Tape from the surface.
  5. Once Flex Tape has been removed, spray directly on any excess adhesive residue, let stand 10 seconds and wipe with clean cloth.
  6. Repeat until area is free of the adhesive.

*A stiff brush may help to remove residue.

Q: Which surfaces can I use it on?

A: PVC, Metal, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Wood, Ceramic, Porcelain, Tile, Glass, Fiberglass, Stucco, Plaster, Stone, Cement, and Concrete.

IMPORTANT: FLEX TAPE® ADHESIVE REMOVER may not be compatible with certain plastics, vinyl, paints, rubbers etc. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use.

Q: Will it affect the surface I’m using it on?

A: When applied properly, it will not cause surfaces to crack, peel, fade or yellow. If left on surface too long, it could penetrate other topcoats. Be sure to read the directions!

Q: How much adhesive can it remove?

A: Each project’s needs may be different so it can vary by individual use. It’s available in 5oz and 12oz cans.

Q: Can I use it to remove Flex Glue?

A: The remover does not work on Flex Glue’s super strong adhesive formula.

Q: How do I clean up after using it?

A: Wipe with a clean cloth.

Q: How should I store it?

A: Store in a cool, dry location. Flex Tape Adhesive Remover should never be exposed to temperatures over 120°F.

Q: What’s the shelf life?

A: 2 years with proper storage.

Q: Is it safe to use around plants and animals?

A: It has not been tested for this use.