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//Winter Prep Kit

Winter Prep Kit

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Product Description

Take all the worry and stress out of your winter season preparations with the Flex Seal Winter Prep Kit. Get yourself the tools you need for all those jobs around the house before the cold winter winds take effect. The leak repair experts at Flex Seal Family of Products have put together our finest products to protect your home from the harsh winter weather. Also, our official Flex On! skull cap is a great bonus and will help you keep warm all winter long! Learn how to defend your home against the cold and other important winter information with the Flex Seal Winter Season Guide.


  • (2) Flex Tape 4” x 5’ (Clear)
  • (1) Flex Shot (Clear)
  • (1) Flex Tape Remover
  • (1) Flex On! Knit Beanie with Cuff